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Tilly's Tiny Family Farm


For Sale:

Farm Fresh Eggs
$3 a dozen
Brown and dark brown eggs with the occasional olive, light green, or light blue egg added in. Our eggs are from naturally raised, cage free, free range, and antibiotic free chickens.

Preserves (While supplies last)

Gluten Free Baked Goods (Sold at farm stand and events)


Also look on LocalHarvest.org for more info.

Chicks *sold out for the season
$2.50 Straight Run (up to 2 weeks old)
$4 pullet (2-3 weeks old)
$3 cockerel (2-3 weeks old)

$5 pullet (4-8 weeks old)
$4 cockerel ( 4-8 weeks old)

Chicks are currently from a mix of the following:
Currently not incubating, hoping to get some infrastructure done this Summer. Includes a new coop for meat chickens and an expanded coop for our laying hens.

Chicks are from our naturally raised, cage free, free range, and antibiotic free chicken eggs.

Started/Adult Chickens
Please contact for availability and rates

Meat Chickens
$10 live bird

Coming Soon!
$15 butchered and frozen

Meat Rabbits
$15 each or 2 for $20

Hay Bales (While supplies last)
$5 square bale about 45 to 60 lbs

Produce (When in season, while supplies last)
Peppers (Sweet and Hot)
Potatoes (3 varieties planted including Purple Majesty!)
Salad Mix
Squash (Including Blue Hubbard and Pink Banana Jumbo!)
Tomatoes (All tomatoes planted from seeds we have saved from previous years including our own variety!)

Contact Us:
Tilly's Tiny Family Farm
Located at 25149 County 33 Unit 2 in Nevis, MN.
We are the trailer house closest to the county road

Phone: 218-652-4093
Email: Ella.VonRowland@gmail.com

Rhodes Garden Center
Located right next door!

Phone: 218-652-4188

See Events page for information on the Farmers Markets and Events

Tilly's Tiny Family Farm, Nevis Minnesota
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